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It all started with GLMax®

The liquid Green-lipped mussel behind the success of Synofit

No powders. No extracts. 100% pure Green-lipped mussel.

“When I first started with Synofit, it was actually still a product designed for horses! It was quite exciting to try it myself. Fortunately, I was quickly convinced: this is a formula that others should also try! ”

Camiel Hofstee, Founder of Synofit

Jaap van Zaanen
The build-up treatment has now finished. I have to say my knee feels very good. Walking is also good. I will now start with using the Capsules, twice a day. If it continues like this, I may even be able to reduce this to one capsule per day. I’m very happy with it. Thanks Synofit!

Jaap van Zaanen

Erica Terpstra
Everyone appreciates how important flexible joints are for you to move freely. Especially your ankles! A friend of mine introduced me to Premium Plus. I am so happy with it that I would like to share this with you too. Try it for yourself: Synofit Premium Plus, to keep your joints supple. Good luck!

Erica Terpstra

Kareena van de Berg
I have been using Synofit Premium Plus with liquid Green-lipped mussel and Curcumin for years, ever since a friend pointed out this “fantastic stuff”. Now I can’t live without!

Kareena van de Berg

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