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Interview with the Synofit Management Team

We have had the unique opportunity to interview the management at Synofit. Camiel Hofstee and René den Admirant have been at the helm of Synofit for 10 years, which started small in 2010 but managed to become a big success.

Synofit has existed for 10 years, so let’s take a look back. How do you look back on these last 10 years?

René: With a lot of pride. From scratch we put the Green-lipped mussel on the map in the Netherlands. Due to the special effect of our unique liquid joint formula, we have made many people happy and we have become the absolute No. 1 for joints in the Netherlands.
Camiel: Just like René: with pride, but above all with a smile. A number of people never believed that we could bring Synofit this far, but quality is not denied. Customers are always right and Synofit has unmistakably conquered its leading position in the joint landscape thanks to this excellent quality. And that for 10 years.

What were your expectations 10 years ago when you launched Synofit as a new brand?

Camiel: Of course I was very satisfied with the product, but at the time I had no idea how many people were also waiting for this in the Netherlands. I knew I had found something special and somehow I hoped that I could help many people with this. Well, you can say that it worked, but that it would take such a flight, I could only dream of …

What did the range look like then?

René: We started with only one product, Synofit Liquid 400 ml.
Camiel: Later the first dry capsules followed, which eventually gave way to the capsules containing liquid.

Camiel Hofstee: After 35 years of entrepreneurship, Synofit is the best company and product to do be involved with. As I was the first to experience this myself 10 years ago, the best thing about it is the satisfaction that Synofit users experience. That is a gift every day!

How did you come up with the idea to launch Synopet and Synocare?

Camiel:Synocare was created because products were added that did not really have anything to do with the musculoskeletal system – which Synofit stands for. The Synocare Skin Repair Cream and Synocare Cardio Plus are both top products, for skin damage and for heart and blood vessels respectively. Synopet is actually the veterinary product that started it all for Synofit. Synopet includes animal products for dogs and cats and a beautiful line a comprehensive product line for horses. It was actually already there, but was not called Synopet at the time. When the manufacturer asked if we wanted to do that too, the name Synopet was created. Ultimately, all products form one big family.

What did the very first Synofit product look like?

Camiel: The very first product was also in a white bottle, but it wasn’t exactly tasty. It was also intended for horses, hence the very first slogan on the folder: “There is a horse remedy…”. I connected the first 3 letters of “synovia” (Latin for joint oil) to “fit”, and that’s how I came up with the name Synofit.

Synofit is a quality brand with relatively high sales prices. Yet the popularity has increased so quickly in a short time, that is special. How do you explain that, what makes Synofit really unique?

René: The combination of the highest quality ingredients, in a unique liquid formula, according to a secret process: this is the result of many years of research and development. The particular satisfaction of customers is what made Synofit popular. Even when other manufacturers tried to copy our product, they were unable to create such an effective formula.

The product range is now very extensive. There is something for everyone! How has the range developed over the years?

Camiel: When the liquid and the capsules turned out to be a great success, the Gel that works externally on the body followed quite quickly. Our manufacturer only wanted to make absolute top products, and we fully agreed with that. Our condition was that it always had to be Liquid Capsules for the better and faster absorption, and we love unique ingredients and combinations. That is why it took a while before the well-balanced products for heart and blood vessels and for bones were added. Now, together with the Skin Repair Cream, they are an indispensable part of our range.

How do you manage to keep pulling such quality products “out of the hat”?

René: We are strong in identifying the needs that exist within our target group and in developing unique solutions that do not yet exist on the market. And that always in a liquid formula; that is where our strength lies. The fact that our production and research department is located in the Netherlands makes us very flexible and decisive.

What funny anecdote do you remember most?

Camiel: A great story is that of Erica Terpstra, she is really a real fan of our product. She said she had a shellfish allergy all her life. It had made her very sick a long time ago. But when I sent her 3 Synofit Premium Plus test capsules, she was able to tolerate our Green-lipped mussel product just fine. When she checked with her doctor, it turned out that she had no allergies at all, which she was so afraid of all her life. A bizarre revelation, and good for her.

René: One of the best stories is that we received a letter from a user of 97 years old. In his handwriting he wrote about his experiences and what he did with his time. And that he was so incredibly happy that he had with found Synofit. Even at this old age, Synofit could still add something to his life.

Do you also use Synofit products yourself?

Camiel: I use the Curcu Plus, the Cardio Plus and Calcium Plus every day.

René: Yes! I use Premium Plus, Curcu Plus and the Synocare Cardio Plus. I really can’t live without it.

Maybe not a nice question, but were there also lows?

Camiel: The constant, without embarrassment, copying of our product by other manufacturers made us angry in the beginning. And then they also dared to say that it is just as good! That is simply not the case, as it turned out after various tests. Then we could deal with this more easily.
René: I don’t remember real lows like that. But sometimes things are disappointing, or it takes a very long time before you have built something up. For example, the rollout of Synofit abroad is quite a challenge, where it sometimes involves trial and error. But yes, that is part of doing business.

What do you enjoy doing most for Synofit?

Camiel: Coming up with new products, and especially looking for new opportunities for our brand abroad.
René: We have a great team of very good people who work for Synofit. Leading this team and seeing what good ideas they have is the best thing for me to do now. Besides creating international success.

What is your favorite ingredient used by Synofit?

In unison: The Green-lipped mussel of course!
René: Our special GLMax® Green-lipped mussel is absolutely unique./

Synofit’s products are produced in the Netherlands. It is also a real Dutch company. How is Synofit appreciated abroad, is it also growing there?

René: Synofit is certainly growing, but the road is longer abroad. That’s because we are all in the Netherlands, and before you have found a team or partner in another country that can make Synofit great in the same way… that takes a lot of time.

The year 2020 was a difficult period for many. How was that for Synofit?

Camiel: We had to wait and see how things would go in the shops. When only 3 people were allowed in per store, we saw turnover decline. Online it continued to go very well. At the moment things are going well again, but now that the second wave is coming, many things are again uncertain. Nobody knows how that will go, so neither do we.

And now we are going to look ahead. How do you see the future of Synofit? Are there any plans we should already know?

Camiel: We have entered into a very nice collaboration with Prins Petfoods in Veenendaal. They will take our veterinary product worldwide. We expect a lot from that.

René: With our new refreshing packaging line, products that are the top within each segment, Synofit is completely ready for the next 10 years. We think there are still a lot of growth opportunities, both in the Netherlands and abroad!