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Are you on medication? Have the combination checked with Synofit!

One of the most frequently asked questions at our Customer Service is about combining a Synofit product with regular medication. In most cases, this is not a problem. Yet there are exceptions. Where interactions are known to us, we will mention them in the instructions for use and on the website.

If in doubt, have it checked.

If you are unsure about the effects of combining your medication with the Synofit products, please ask our Customer Service team. Alternatively, you may want to contact your own GP, pharmacist or specialist with your queries in the first instance. However, what we regularly hear from our customers is that many pharmacists and doctors are not sufficiently familiar with the effect of nutritional supplements and it is difficult for them to be able to give a definitive answer about the safety of a particular combination. In this instance, please direct your queries to our Customer Services Team (