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FSSC 22000 Certificate

We have the FSSC 22000 certificate!

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The location where all Synofit products (and also the products of Synocare and Synopet) are manufactured must of course meet all kinds of safety regulations and requirements. Some of those regulations are required by law. All being equal, every food factory in the Netherlands will therefore comply. An example of such a legally required standard is the HACCP standard.

What exactly is HACCP?

When manufacturing food, all kinds of things can go wrong in the areas of accuracy, hygiene, transport and the like. This endangers the quality of the products. In the American space industry, the idea came up to apply extra strict checks at the production locations. After all, it is unacceptable if it appears in space that the crew members will, for example, get food poisoning due to carelessness in a factory.

That is where the HACCP system emerged. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. The system means that companies and production locations themselves check where things can go wrong with regard to the health of the consumer, and that they themselves take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the products.

HACCP is subject to European legislation: all companies that develop food products (including supplements) are obliged to comply with this. The Synofit production location naturally complies with this. Now that has been expanded with an official FSSC 22000 standard.

Synofit production site passed FSSC 22000 certificate

fssc 22000 synofit fabriek The FSSC 22000 certificate was created by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification (SCV). It is the first standard for the food industry to be recognized worldwide. This is a major advantage for Synofit, as the products are increasingly used worldwide.
FSSC 22000 includes the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and a number of additional requirements. In addition, it has been complying with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements since 2010.
When the FSSC 22000 certificate has been obtained, this actually means that the production location meets even stricter safety and quality standards than is required.

Information video about the FSSC 22000 standard

With GMP+ for Synopet

gmp+ synopet Different rules apply to the production of products for animals. Because Synopet is made at the same production location as Synofit, we have had a separate certificate for this for some time now: GMP + (Good Manufacturing / Managing Practice). This regulation demonstrates that animal feeds and ingredients meet the legal requirements and other requirements that have been agreed upon by other parties.