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GLMax ®: 100% pure liquid Green-lipped mussel

Unique green lip innovation: GLMax®

Synofit is the only Green-lipped mussel product that contains GLMax®. This is not a dry powder or extract, but a 100% pure Green-lipped mussel in liquid and stabilized form.

Selection of the growing site

The Green-lipped mussel can only thrive in the extremely clear waters around New Zealand. Several ‘Green-lipped mussel farms’ can be found in the Marlborough Sounds. The precise location where a Green-lipped mussel lives influences the final composition of the mussel. For example, the flow of the water and the degree of pollution (algae) influence the condition of the Green-lipped mussels that grow in a certain place.

Selection at harvest

Apart from this, a great diversity is again encountered when harvesting the Green-lipped mussel: for example, the size, color and oiliness vary from mussel to mussel (see also the image opposite). Of course there are also males and females. Some of these factors significantly influence the composition of the Green-lipped mussel. A plump mussel, for example, is extra rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. After choosing the perfect growing place for the Green-lipped mussel, it is therefore possible to choose again from the very best mussels during harvest.

Agreements about GLMax® mussels

Synofit has made an agreement with the supplier about the choice of the growing location for the Green-lipped mussel and about the selection criteria for the harvest. Because only the very best and most beautiful Green-lipped mussels are good enough to be processed in GLMax®.

From mussels to liquid

The entire Green-lipped mussel is converted into a liquid form for GLMax® by means of a unique process. As a result, all components of the Green-lipped mussel remain in their mutual cohesion in Synofit Premium Plus Liquid and Synofit Premium Plus Capsules. The Synofit products with GLMax® can therefore be regarded as a high-quality innovation in the field of Green-lipped mussel.

Why liquid?

GLMax® is absorbed faster and better due to the liquid form, so that a relatively low dose is sufficient. As a result, the Synofit products are efficient in use and the satisfaction is demonstrably higher than with products with dry powders and extracts.

Differences between products withliquid Green-lipped mussel

Various shops offer other (sometimes also liquid) products containing “Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf”. These products, which are actually an attempt to imitate Synofit, are often lower in price, but this translates into a different quality for you as a user. These products do not contain GLMax® and therefore there is no guarantee as described above that for the process only the best mussels are selected from the most favorable waters. Thickeners are also often added to the liquids to disguise the fact that the Green-lipped mussel is actually still a powder that “floats” in the thickened liquid.

Which products contain GLMax® Green-lipped mussel?

You can easily check on the label whether a product contains GLMax® Green-lipped mussel. If a product contains GLMax® Green-lipped mussel, this will certainly be stated on the label. After all, it is a precious ingredient to be incredibly proud of.

Why is GLMax® expensive?

There are several factors that make GLMax® a precious ingredient. First of all, it is about the choice of the best growing location and the selection of the best mussels. There is a price tag attached to that. The secret method to really liquefy the Green-lipped mussel is then unique in the world. Incidentally, no heat is applied anywhere in the process. Because this is all a system specially developed for GLMax®, this makes production extra pricey. After all, production is done according to demand and that is customization. Yet Synofit chooses all of this with conviction. Because only the best is good enough for you!

Products from Synofit with GLMax® Green-lipped mussel:

Synofit Premium Plus Liquid

Liquid Green Lipped Mussel & Full Spectrum Curcumin & Blackcurrant Leaf & Boswellia
Build-up cure:
400 ml (£94.95, -)
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Synofit Premium Plus Capsules

Liquid Green Lipped Mussel & Full Spectrum Curcumin & Blackcurrant Leaf (in capsules)
Build-up cure:
120 caps (£94.95)
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Synofit Premium Plus: more than just Green-lipped mussel

In addition to GLMax® Green-lipped mussel, Synofit Premium Plus also contains Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf. Synofit Premium Plus Liquid also contains the well-known Boswellia from the frankincense tree (Boswellia serrata) for extra quick satisfaction.

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