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Synofit: how it all started …

The Green-lipped mussel discovered

A few decades ago it was discovered in New Zealand that the Green-lipped mussel is a very special animal. Tribes of the coastal Maori, who consumed the Green-lipped mussel daily, were found to maintain flexible joints for a long time. This stood out against the tribes that lived further inland. Over the years, more and more Green-lipped mussel products of varying qualities have come onto the market. Mainly because of the generally low quality of those products, international interest gradually declined. Only with dogs and horses it turned out to be successful. So for years the Green-lipped mussel has remained a “joint product for dogs and horses”, while it was no longer considered of interest to humans.


Liquid Green-lipped mussel

Until someone, who thought they could use something extra for their joints, decided to take a horse product for the joints. It was not tasty, however it did exceed all his expectations. The experiences were no different for the people around him, “who should even give it a try”. So he was soon convinced that this liquid Green-lipped mussel product with Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf could no longer be missing on the Dutch market for food supplements. You already understand: this man was the founder of Synofit, Camiel Hofstee.

The birth of Synofit

But then we weren’t there yet. The taste of “liquid Green-lipped mussel with Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf” was a real problem. This could not be sold like this. Together with the producer, the taste was further optimized and so it happened in 2009 that Synofit took its first steps on the Dutch market. Not long afterwards, RenĂ© den Admirant joined the company to take on marketing and to determine the strategy together with Camiel. Because Synofit must be known nationally – and if possible worldwide. So that everyone can keep moving with Synofit!

Synofit today

Since then, Synofit has grown steadily into what it is today: an efficient company with great ambitions. Synofit’s products are now used by thousands of people every day and are available at many pharmacies and health stores. Synofit is now also available in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, the United States, Spain, etc. You can count on the Synofit Care Team to guarantee the best service. You can always contact us if you have any questions.

We hope to serve you for a long time to come!

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