What are Turmerosaccharides?

Turmerosaccharides are an ingredient of the turmeric root. Many people would have heard of tumeric but most would not be aware of its believed health benefits. The best known substance in the root of the Curcuma longa plant is, of course, Curcumin. However, there is more in the turmeric than just Curcumin. Turmerosaccharides are water-soluble components from the turmeric. They are bio-active polysaccharides that, together with Bio-Curcumin, have a synergistic effect. This means that the operation of the combination is better than the sum of the operation of the individual parts. We call this combination ‘ Full Spectrum Curcumin ‘.

This combination does more justice to the natural strength of the turmeric and Synofit therefore likes to combine Turmerosaccharides with Bio-Curcumin in Synofit Premium Plus Liquid. Both components are 100% natural and Synofit does not use any chemicals to further increase the absorbability of the Bio-Curcumin. You don’t need to – the turmeric essential oil used in Bio-CM100® Bio-Curcumin already provides exceptionally good bioavailability. Turmerosaccharides are also readily absorbable in the body, because these substances are water-soluble.

For the build-up treatment we recommend Synofit Premium Plus Liquid, because it contains the Full Spectrum Curcumin (with Turmerosaccharides). Another additional ingredient in Synofit Premium Plus Liquid is Boswellia. Our experience is that, on average, customers are satisfied faster when using Synofit Premium Plus Liquid. The Synofit Premium Plus Capsules can also be used for the build-up treatment. These also contain Turmerosaccharides but no Boswellia .

Ultimately one should be satisfied with Synofit Premium Plus within 80 days of build-up treatment (this applies to both Synofit Premium Plus Liquid and Synofit Premium Plus Capsules). Our experience is that satisfaction no longer increases after these first 80 days.