Synofit Premium Plus Capsules

Synofit Premium Plus Capsules

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The best choice for your Joint Care including muscles and connective tissues.

  • Our most popular product! Capsules are easy to swallow so can be easily administered.
  • Contains Green-lipped mussel, Blackcurrent Leaf, Curcumin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3 and Calcium – a specially designed combination that you wont find elsewhere.
  • Daily dosage price – £2.37 (loading phase), £1.19 (maintenance phase) Please read our price comparison with other products on the market for more info. Read about the loading and maintenance phases here.
  • Contains only natural ingredients and we use pure Green-lipped Mussel not low quality extracts or powders.
  • You will get 25% off second purchase and 10% off every purchase after that – why? Please read the instructions tab belowon the product page to get all the info. It is highly recommended that you read the instructions section before purchasing and remind yourself of how to take Synofit when you receive the product by reading the enclosed instructions
Synofit Premium Plus Capsules – 120 Capsules

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The best capsule formula for joints

Synofit Premium Plus Capsules are Synofit’s most powerful product for the joints in capsule form. It contains Full Spectrum Curcumin (consisting of Bio-CM100® Bio-Curcumin and Turmerosaccharides) and Blackcurrant leaf for the joints.1 This formula has dominated the joint system in the Netherlands for 10 years now. The liquid is based on liquid GLMax® Green-lipped mussel.

1 Evaluation of health claims is ongoing

Composition Synofit Premium Plus Capsules:

Ingredients: fish oil, gelatin (fish; capsule), green-lipped mussel (molluscs; Perna canaliculus; origin: New Zealand), black currant (Ribes nigrum) leaf, curcumin(Curcuma longa), vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D3), minerals (calcium), emulsifiers (sunflower lecithin, glycerine), stabilizers (beeswax), dyes (chlorophyline, iron oxide)


per 3 capsules

% RI

GLMax® liquid Green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) 390 mg
Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) leaf extract 1:10 165 mg
Curcumin (Full Spectrum) * (Curcuma longa) 150 mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 51 mg 64 %
Calcium (Calcium Gluconate) 22.3 mg 2.8 %
Vitamin E (RRR-alpha-Tocopherol) 4.5 mg 38 %
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 5.0 µg 100 %

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Synofit Premium Plus Capsules – Instructions for use

  • Pack contains 2 x 60 capsule packs – total is 120 capsules
  • First time buyer? You need to complete a loading phase which means 1 capsule taken 3 x per day – total 3 capsules per day. You are likely to struggle to see any benefit if you don’t fully complete the loading phase
  • Depending on how your body reacts, the loading phase can take anywhere between 40 – 80 days for most people
  • So your first purchase will last around 40 days and therefore at around 35 days from your first purchase, we will send you a coupon for a 25% discount for your next purchase – this is to continue the loading phase dosage of 3 capsules per day until you feel the correct effect
  • What is the correct effect?? You will feel less pain and stiffness in the area where you had pain and stiffness
  • Once you have got to this, we recommend to drop the dosage to 1 capsule taken 2 x per day (total 2 capsules per day) – this is what we called the maintenance phase. (It does happen that some people only need 1 tablet per day on the maintenance phase)
  • From then on your pack of 120 capsules should last 60 – 120 days, and close to the end of every 60 day period we will send you a voucher for 10% off your next purchase
  • What happens if I don’t feel a good effect after the 80 days of the loading phase? Unfortunately we can’t guarantee this product will work for everyone, so if this applies to you, and you have followed all our advice, then we can only recommend you look for an alternative solution to your ailment

Marcea Koblens

The capsules are not cheap but well worth it !!

Anneke Thijssen

Super product, when I go on vacation, I always have capsules that are easy to take with me and when I am at home always agile.

Coby van den Goorbergh

Have been using the capsules for 6 months now and have to say, great !!!! Go and buy the gel too!

Dominique Rothengatter

via Facebook

Have been using the capsules for two years now and very satisfied