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Synofit Green lipped mussel price comparison to other products

“Good products aren’t cheap and cheap products aren’t good!” Anon

When looking at Green-lipped mussel products, you will notice there is a huge range of products on the market, that come with a huge range of price tags.

When comparing prices, it is so important that you are comparing like with like; not all green-lipped mussel products are the same.

To get maximum health benefits from a green-lipped mussel product, you need to be looking for one containing 100% green-lipped mussel liquid. So many of the green-lipped mussel products available contain an extract or powdered form of green-lipped mussel and these are often the cheaper options. However, the processes involved in creating an extract or powder often uses heat, which can destroy the delicate lipids, fatty acids and GAG’s (Glycosaminoglycans, which are complex sugar-amino acid compounds that help maintain healthy cartilage and lubricate the joints). This in turn decreases the anti-inflammatory properties of the green-lipped mussel.

It is important to look at the label to see the actual, active ingredient amounts and dosage to check you are getting value for money. What is the point of buying a cheap product that isn’t effective? Surely that’s more of a waste of money, than spending a little more money on a quality product that actually works!

One of the questions we sometimes get asked when customers are looking at purchasing Synofit is, “Why is it more expensive than some other green-lipped mussel products?”

In this article, we are going to look at a price comparison to show you that it is actually less expensive to buy Synofit, than it is to buy all the quality ingredients separately. We will also highlight the daily cost of using Synofit and show you that it is far less than a cup of coffee!

It is important to note that there are two phases of Synofit treatment. The ‘loading phase’ which is an initial, higher dose of Synofit (10ml) that lasts between 40-80 days. Followed immediately by the ‘maintenance phase’, which sees the dose (and price per day) halve to 5ml per day.

Below, we have tried to compare prices of all the ingredients you get in a bottle of Synofit Premium Plus, with the prices you’d pay if you were purchasing them all separately at a popular, high street health store (Holland & Barrett). It is worth noting that we couldn’t find any Green-lipped mussel products that actually compared to the one used in Synofit as they were all extracts or powders. We have used one just for a price comparison, but it is certainly not a quality comparison! We have also compared the price to an alternative, green-lipped mussel product found on amazon, as this one doesn’t use heat in the manufacturing process, so it is more comparable. However, please note this amazon product doesn’t contain any of the extra, beneficial ingredients of Synofit Premium Plus.

Comparison grid of Synofit premium plus pure green-lipped musselproduct versus Holland & Barret green-lipped mussel extract product

*RDA – Recommended Daily Dose. |. **Musselex doesn’t really compare as its powdered | ***Holland & Barrett do not stock a Blackcurrant Leaf supplement


Synofit premium plus v Holland and Barrett GLX3 comparison grid

**** GLX3 is a high quality Green Lipped Mussel Supplement


Green-Lipped Mussel Source: Synofit
Green-lipped mussel synofit price per day grid unit - price is 94.95 daily dosage price is 2.37 pounds for loading phase and 1.19 pounds for maintenance phase



Green-Lipped Mussel Source: Musselex (Holland & Barrett)
Green-lipped mussel holland and barrett price per day grid - unit price is 105.90 pounds - daily dosage price is 2.27 pounds


Green-Lipped Mussel Source: GLX3 (Amazon)
Green-lipped mussel GLX price per day grid - unit price is 139.91 pounds - daily dosage price is 3.56 pounds


As you can see from the tables above, Synofit Premium is a cost-effective, high-quality, green-lipped mussel product. You get the green-lipped mussel in combination with bio-Curcumin, blackcurrant leaf, Boswellia, Calcium, Vitamin C, D3 and E.

It’s also worth mentioning that Synofit offer customers a 25% discount on their second order of liquid or capsules of Premium Plus to ensure customers complete the all-important loading phase, to get the maximum health benefits. Once the loading phase is complete, an ongoing 10% discount is offered during the Maintenance Phase.

So, let’s look at the daily dosage prices with the Synofit discounts applied:

Green-lipped mussel synofit price comparison with discounts - daily price is 1.78 pounds for loading phase and 1.07 pounds for maintenance phase



So, back to that cup of coffee I mentioned… One Costa Coffee Americano (Large) costs £2.40. This is more expensive than the daily cost of Synofit in the loading phase (even without a discount) and more than double what it costs for a daily dose of Synofit in the maintenance phase (even without a discount)!

We hope these comparisons above show you that Synofit really is a natural, cost effective way of relieving the painful symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis. It also illustrates that you are not just getting 100% liquid green-lipped mussel but also numerous other, high-quality ingredients that all work together to give you the maximum health benefits.

quote of price is what you pay, value is what you get you buy cheaply, you pay dearly, french proverb