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Experiences with Synofit products

Synofit has been the No.1 product for joints in the Netherlands for nearly 10 years.

This is all because of the exceptionally good experiences that customers have had having used our products. We keep hearing the same thing: everyone is talking about it!

“When I first started with Synofit, it was actually still a product designed for horses! It was quite exciting to try it myself. Fortunately, I was quickly convinced: this is a formula that others should also try! ”

Camiel Hofstee, Founder of Synofit


I am very pleased with it. I’ve been using it for a year now

Angelieke Snoeren
via Facebook

Rita van de Wakker

I have been using Synofit Premium Plus for joint care, with liquid Green-lipped mussel and Curcumin for years now, following a tip from a friend who told me about this “fantastic stuff”. I’m now telling everyone about it.

Rita van de Wakker
user from the first hour

Theo van Campenhout

The best product on the market!

Theo van Campenhout

Erica Terpstra

Everyone knows how important flexible joints are for you to move freely. Especially your ankles! A friend of mine pointed me to Premium Plus. I am so happy with that that I would like to share this with you. Discover it too: Synofit Premium Plus, to keep your joints supple. Good luck!

Erica Terpstra
known user

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Side note: we are not allowed to display all experience stories on our website, because most of Synofit’s products are dietary supplements. We are not allowed to communicate via our website any suggestion that dietary supplements can prevent, treat or cure a certain disease or physical complaint. This is stipulated in Dutch and European legislation.

Experiences of Synofit users

Thanks Synofit!

The construction treatment is now empty. I have to say
my knee feels really good.
Walking is also fine. I will
start with the Capsules, 2 times a
day. If it continues, I may even be able to
1 capsule per day. I am very happy with it. Thanks Synofit!

Jaap van Zaanen

It could hardly be better or faster

I placed the order by phone, where I was met with good and friendly service by a operator. I placed the order and the day after it was already in the letterbox. and it could hardly be faster. I therefore transferred the invoice immediately after arrival. Chapeau and see you next order.

via eKomi

A substantial improvement

Since I have been ordering your product for years, I think it’s completely useless to ask for a review. What I did notice positively is that your shipment fit through the letterbox for the first time, this is a significant improvement in your service! If I am not at home when the delivery person comes, I do not have to ring the bell to receive the package, because it is “normally” delivered via the letterbox.

Gabor Menkes
via Google Reviews

My elixir of life!

R. Heemskerk
via Google Reviews

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