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Is Synofit Premium Plus Liquid better than Synofit Premium Plus capsules?

Is Synofit Premium Plus Liquid better than Synofit Premium Plus capsules?

This question is certainly very important and it is good that you as a customer ask yourself this. So it is high time to further explain the difference between Synofit Premium Plus Liquid and Synofit Premium Plus Capsules.

Difference between Premium Plus Liquid and Premium Plus Capsules

Synofit Premium Plus Liquid can be absorbed into the body a little better and faster, because a capsule does not have to be broken down before the processing process in the body can begin. The liquid can already be digested from the mouth, with the capsules this only starts in the stomach when the capsule is open.

Synofit Premium Plus Liquid also contains Boswellia as an additional ingredient . And there is more Full Spectrum Curcumin per daily dose in Synofit Premium Plus Liquid (210 mg; in the Capsules this is 150 mg). As a result, some customers are satisfied with Synofit Premium Plus Liquid faster than with Synofit Premium Plus Capsules.

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Why is there no Boswellia in the capsules?

This is also a frequently asked question. The reason is simple: the capsules are ‘full’. In the past, Synofit Premium Plus only contained liquid Green-lipped mussel with Full Spectrum Curcumin and Blackcurrant leaf. Later Boswellia was added. But this was not possible in the capsules, because they were already packed with the three main ingredients mentioned. We then had the choice between (1) making the capsules larger, (2) letting the customer take more than three capsules a day or (3) not adding Boswellia to the capsules. Because of the ease of use, which we find very important, we have opted for the latter.

Boswellia is also a bit heavy on the stomach in some people so they might experience some heartburn, nausea, or have a somewhat stuffy feeling in the stomach area. For these people, the Synofit Premium Plus Capsules offer a welcome solution.

What are the other differences?

Synofit Premium Plus Liquid contains sweetener (steviol glycosides) and aroma (banana) to make the taste accessible. However, not everyone will like the taste of Synofit Premium Plus Liquid and therefore will go for the capsules because they are odorless and tasteless.

No sugar has been added to both products : Synofit Premium Plus is officially low in sugar. This may be relevant for people who want to eat sugar-free or for people with diabetes.

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Synofit Premium Plus Liquid contains preservatives to guarantee the shelf life during the first 50 days. The Synofit Premium Plus Capsules are airtight, and therefore naturally have a longer shelf life – so no preservatives have been added.

People who are on the road a lot (especially around breakfast and dinner, when Synofit Premium Plus Liquid has to be taken), sometimes opt for the capsules because of this ease of use as they come in a regular blister pack. With the capsules no bottle needs to be kept cool, and in a restaurant, for example, a bottle with Synofit does not have to be placed on the table. Even on vacation, the capsules are usually slightly more suitable than the liquid.

During the build-up period (the build-up cure) Synofit Premium Plus Liquid should be taken 2 times a day. The Synofit Premium Plus Capsules should be taken 3 times a day to get the same amount of ingredients. If you find it annoying (for example during work or a lunch appointment) to take a capsule in the afternoon, Synofit Premium Plus Liquid may be more convenient.

There are people who’re not the swallow like capsules. They will automatically choose Synofit Premium Plus Liquid.

In summary: what should I choose?

If you want to experience the maximum joint care of Synofit, use Synofit Premium Plus Liquid . Customer satisfaction is greatest with Synofit Premium Plus Liquid, both during the build-up treatment and during maintenance. If there are practical objections to Synofit Premium Plus Liquid, for whatever reason (above), then opt for the capsules and see whether you can achieve the same level of satisfaction.

This is personal, and we leave the final choice up to you.

Does it really not matter?

With both Premium Plus products people ‘should’ be satisfied within 80 days. If you are not satisfied with the capsules after 80 days and you have not yet tried Synofit Premium Plus Liquid, you can still choose to follow the build-up course with Premium Plus Liquid. Better (and our advice) is of course to opt for Synofit Premium Plus Liquid at the start of the build-up treatment as a new customer. If you are still not (or not clearly) satisfied after 80 days, we recommend that you stop taking Synofit Premium Plus.

Can I change my choice later?

Yes, you can switch from Synofit Premium Plus Liquidto Synofit Premium Plus Capsules, or vice versa. This is also a possibility temporarily, for example around holidays . Please note that in some cases the satisfaction with the capsules may decrease. When you notice this, it is best to start again immediately with the dose of Synofit Premium Plus Liquid that you were satisfied with last. There are also many people who can easily switch between the liquid version and the capsules.